Best Yard Games for Your Event

Best Yard Games for Your Event

Summer is about enjoying the warmth and being outside. The right yard games will make your backyard barbecues more enjoyable for you and your guests. These games can also keep the kids entertained, and I think we all want that.

Great Yard Games

Here are some of the most popular backyard games to have at your event. Some of these games appeal to either younger or older players. However, several of these yard games are fun for all ages.

1. Cornhole

Cornhole is a popular game for families and friends to play in their backyards. This classic yard game involves two teams of two trying to score points by getting the bean bags through the hole or on the board. The game of cornhole is arguably the most popular yard game in the United States. Our set comes with two full-size boards, four purple bean bags and four gold ones, plus a carrying bag for easy portability.

2. Giant Jenga

The classic Jenga game is great to play indoors, but this version allows you to take the fun outside. The set contains 54 blocks which are eight times larger than the traditional blocks (6 inches, 2 inches and 1.2 inches). The tower starts out at nearly 2 feet high, but if you are able to play well, it can reach heights of up to 4 feet. Adults and kids alike can play this for hours.

3. Giant Connect Four

This four-in-a row game will appeal to both adults and children. The Connect Four standing board is about four feet high, so it’s big enough to allow everyone to enjoy the game and participate. It’s a classic game that becomes even more enjoyable on a larger scale. Spectators will easily be able to watch the game getting that four-in-a-row is always fun!

Giant Jenga

4. Beer Pong

This one is really one for the adults. Although beer pong can be played inside as well, it definitely makes our list of best yard games due to its ease of play and popularity. You would be hard pressed to find an adult who doesn’t know the rules of beer pong. But be careful. Too many rounds of this yard game may leave you stumbling around the rest of the night.

5. Giant Beer Pong

Now that we covered the classic beer pong game, here is an amazing twist. Giant beer pong is a yard game in every sense of the word. It is definitely too large to play inside as the “cups” are 25 gallon trash cans and the “balls” are volley balls. Of course the trash cans won’t actually be filled with beer, but just some water in the bottom will keep them steady while you play. Players can keep their drink on the side and take a swig when a “cup” is eliminated.

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6. Kan Jam Disc Tossing Game

The Kan Jam yard game will help you improve your Frisbee skills. This team game involves members taking turns to throw the flying disc toward the goal on the other side. The team can score points by hitting the can, or landing the disc inside the can. This set comes with everything you need to play the game: two Kam Jam cans, a flying disk and instructions.

7. Spikeball Game

The game of Spikeball is fast-paced and fun. Teams of two compete to return the ball into the central round net. The Spikeball set has received thousands of positive reviews. The Spikeball game sets include a round net and ball as well as a storage case and a transport case.

8. Backyard Bocce Set

Bocce ball has to be one of the oldest lawn games still in existence. The nine balls, eight larger and one smaller, are nestled in a sturdy canvas zippered case. It is easy to play and therefore suitable for all ages. The game is played on a court that has been designated. One player then throws the smaller target ball. Then, each additional player takes turns rolling the bigger balls as close as possible to the target ball. The team with the ball that is closest to its target wins. The game ends once one team has scored the predetermined amount of points.

9. Bucket Ball Set

Bucket Ball is a popular game that can be played in the backyard, at the pool, or on the beach. Toss the ball into all your buckets as quickly as possible to win. This combo pack contains six blue buckets and six orange buckets. It also includes two hybrid balls and a tote bag that you can use to take the game anywhere.

10. Badminton

Badminton is a racket sport played between two or four players on a court divided by a net. The objective of the game is to hit a shuttlecock (also known as a birdie) over the net and into the opponent’s half of the court in a way that makes it difficult for them to return the shuttlecock. Players score points when the shuttlecock lands on the opponent’s court or when the opponent makes a fault. Badminton is a popular sport enjoyed worldwide, requiring players to possess agility, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking.

croquet yard game

11. Croquet

Croquet is a classic adult backyard game that many enjoy. This yard game involves hitting wooden balls with mallets through a series of hoops set up on a grass playing court. Players take turns hitting their balls through the hoops in a specific order, with the ultimate goal of being the first to hit the finishing stake. Croquet can be played by people of all ages and skill levels and is often enjoyed as a social activity at picnics, parties, and other outdoor gatherings.

12. Lawn Darts Game

Lawn darts is a game that involves throwing weighted darts at a target on the ground. Players stand a distance away from the target and take turns trying to land their darts as close to the center as possible. While lawn darts can be a fun activity, it is important to note that they can be dangerous and have been banned in some areas due to the risk of injury, particularly to children. It is essential to follow proper safety precautions and use caution when playing lawn darts.

13. Giant Yardzee Set

Yardzee is the giant version of the popular Yahtzee game. Yahtzee is a popular dice game that is typically played with multiple players. Each player takes turns rolling five dice and trying to achieve certain combinations, such as three of a kind or a full house. After three rolls, the player must choose which combination to score, and the game continues until all players have taken their turns. Yahtzee is a game of luck and strategy, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

14. Ring Toss Game

This ring toss will bring some excitement to your next barbecue or outdoor picnic. This yard game is portable and can be set up in just a few minutes. It’s perfect for backyards, camping trips or beach vacations. When you are ready to play, toss one of the plastic rings or the five rope rings onto the pegs to try and score the highest points.


Q: What games should I have in my backyard to play?

Everyone has a favorite backyard game. Cornhole is one of the most popular yard games because it’s easy to set up and offers a good combination of relaxation and competitiveness. This is a great game to play while hanging out. It can be played in a relaxed manner and is still easy to play while drinking.

Q: What games can you play outdoors?

Many outdoor games can be enjoyed during the warmer months. You can play games such as cornhole, giant Jenga or Connect Four. You can do a lot of fun outdoor activities with a little creativity.

Q: What can I do to make my yard more enjoyable?

Make your entire yard more festive. This will not only increase the fun, but also the enjoyment. You can achieve this in many ways, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Strings of lights, tiki torch fire pits and comfortable seating are all great ideas.

Summer fun is best enjoyed with outdoor games

Finding the best yard games or outdoor games is all about knowing your outdoor space, how many guests you plan to entertain, and what your family and friends enjoy. Do you prefer relaxing, simple activities or high-energy games to play? Do you want to pass the time with something fun and healthy, or are you intensely competitive? These questions will help you choose the right game to keep your family entertained, engaged and most importantly, enjoying the beautiful weather.